Hey, hi, hello! I’m Holly and I’m the magic maker behind Daydream Design Co. In my day to day life you can find me diving into the world of design, watching Netflix on the couch with my husband, being the best dog mom to my boston terrier, Skye or roaming around target with Starbucks in hand! 

Although design is the fuel to my fire, there’s a lot more to me than just cool fonts and kick-ass color palettes. I’m a homebody, but I love exploring new places. I have an obsession with cake and I almost always have slippers and a sweater on, they’re my comfort (plus the weather changes quite a lot in Ohio in case you didn’t know).

No day is the same for me but I also have some type of established routine, and that’s just how the life of an entrepreneur is. It keeps me on my toes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My idols include Hayley Williams (can you tell I was kind of a scene girl in the 2010’s?), Lady Gaga, Joanna Gaines, my mom and my first design professor in college.


I grew up in the fast-paced evolution of technology and I have loved every second of it. I’ve always been fascinated with the internet and having the world at my fingertips.

The best part about my experience is what it offers to my clients - what it offers to you. My BFA degree in graphic design from the Cleveland Institute of Art got me started, but in addition I've spent 6+ years in the design field and have honed my design skills by working with enlightened and eager entrepreneurs, just like you! I’ve been dabbling in design since MySpace was a thing (#throwback), and my passion for it hasn’t faded a bit.

I’m truly not interested in being like anyone else, just myself. I think there’s something so significant about everyone in the world and it’s worth embracing.


My ambition for building-up entrepreneurs like you extends far and wide. I believe that design should not only incite emotions but also solve a problem. Let’s work as a team to breathe life into your brand, and frame it in a light that is both creative, effective, and intentional.