My favorite fonts + their pairings


Does anyone else get as excited about fonts as I do? As a fellow creative, over the years I have fallen in love with many types of art and design. Fonts play a huge roll in this love and I thought this would be a fun post to share for you all to get to know me a bit better. I’m always curious about other creative’s favorites. If you have one, leave it in the comments below! I’d love to hear.

Didot and Bodoni were the first modern roman typefaces EVER created. Typography in itself was created in 1230. It amazes me how far we’ve come since then. 

Typography is the true backbone of branding in my opinion. There’s nothing like a good serif font to bring a classic/traditional feel to a design or a sans serif font to give a modern vibe to a logo. Fonts have the ability to give a feeling and create an identity for so many people + companies. 

Some of the most classic and widely known fonts used to this day are Helvetica, Baskerville, Times, Gotham, Bodoni.

For example, one of the fonts that Apple used to use is Helvetica across all of their interfaces. Now they use a combination of a few different fonts in addition to a newer font called San Francisco. 

Fonts make me feel something, and these are my favorite: Let’s jump in!


Brandon Grotesque - There is something so fun about this font. It has the ability to give a really modern feel to anything. It’s also diverse enough to experiment with in logos and other design collateral. This is always my go-to. Click here to view.

A good font pairing: Open Sans


Baskerville - Ahhhh, what a classic. This font takes my breath away, and it’s also what I’m using for all of my wedding design items (such as invites, table numbers, signage, etc). Click here to view.

A good font pairing: Proxima Nova


Mr. Eaves - This font is close to my heart because it was the main typeface used in my old personal branding. When I was first learning about typography in college, I would run through all types of sites with fonts and while browsing type kit, I fell in love with Mr. Eaves.

A good font pairing: Freight Text Pro


Tenez - This is a newer favorite and is also the font of my logo for daydream. Click here to view. I feel like this font throws a bit of classic into the mix while still remaining one of a kind.

A good font pairing: Elegant Lux Mager

fave fonts-05.jpg

Chloe - This is a newer font that gives a very classic but feminine and editorial vibe. Click here to view. The second I laid eyes on this one, I had to buy it!

A good font pairing: Futura