How to enjoy the quiet times in your business + a checklist


Hey everyone!

Upon the Fourth of July holiday, I was extremely busy. I’m talking in my office from 9am to being in bed on my laptop till 2am. Wake up & repeat. I had a ton of amazing projects I was working on all at once, and it was wonderful! I have never felt so fulfilled at once like that, and let me tell ya it feels incredible. I’m so happy and grateful to be doing what I love with people I connect with.

I’m definitely not saying you have to hustle 24/7 to feel fulfilled, but it was a coincidence that I had all of those projects going on at once. 

However, after all of that excitement, things slowed down a looot. I met my goals for July but I was still worried. What if July wasn’t that lucky? (It’s now mid July, and it’s just as busy, haha) So put those worries to bed.

It’s scary as a business owner to have these thoughts because they can paralyze you before you even try. 

But one thing I wanted to remember this time is what it taught me and that is this:

There’s always going to be a never ending to do list of things to do, so why not check in on those during downtime? If anything, it gives you time to build the back end of your business back up by doing the things that were neglected or put aside during your busy times. Not only does it give you the opportunity to do these things on the backend, but it also gives you a chance to reposition and figure out what you really want moving forward with your business.

Here’s some of the things I recommend doing in the quiet times of your business. I got a lot of these done and it was so satisfying! There are even some fun ones in here. :)

  1. Do some overall website maintenance

  2. Update your portfolio with new projects

  3. Pin to your Pinterest boards

  4. Plan content 

  5. Binge watch a Netflix show (I started rewatching the Flash for the 4567890th time)

  6. Write blog posts + insta captions

  7. Catch up with friends + family 

  8. Re-organize your files  

  9. Follow up with old clients

  10. Update your computer + apps (so guilty of waiting weeks to update my creative cloud, haha)

  11. Breathe and relax a bit

Remember that things will pick back up, and that you’re rocking it.

Holly BaumgartlComment