• Your brand is inconsistent

  • You’re ready to take your brand & biz to the next level

  • You know brand recognition is important but you don’t know how to make it happen

  • Your social media is a mess (or nonexistent) and you’re ashamed of it

  • You’re scared of investing in your business because you don’t understand the process & relationship with a designer 

  • Have purposeful and aligned branding for your business

  • Stand out among a sea of competitors with a captivating branding package that hits on all of your most reputable and remarkable assets

  • Position your brand in an eye-catching light with cohesive content that provides instant brand identification mixed in with a captivating message that comes from your heart

  • Have someone to guide you through every step of the process and chase your dreams



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Hey, hi, hello! I’m Holly

I’m the magic maker behind Daydream Design Co. In my day to day life you can find me diving into the world of design, watching netflix on the couch with my fiancé, being the best dog mom to my boston terrier, Skye or roaming around target with starbucks in hand! 

Although design is the fuel to my fire, there’s a lot more to me than just cool fonts and kick-ass color palettes. I’m a homebody, but I love exploring new places. I have an obsession with cake and I almost always have slippers and a sweater on, they’re my comfort (plus the weather changes quite a lot in Ohio in case you didn’t know).


Your brand stretches beyond your logo. Your persona is more than just your Facebook profile picture. Your brand is your vessel; the way you communicate both where you have been and your vision for where you’re going. And the dreams that dance in your head are one of a kind - just like you. Stand out among a sea of competitors with a captivating branding package that hits on all of your most reputable and remarkable assets.


A thoughtfully designed website takes your brand to the next level. Digging deeper into the details, intentional , creative elements and on-point messaging seamlessly pushes your users into action. You need a solid message that’s memorable and meaningful to make your presence known. I put my all into putting your best face forward so every user knows exactly who you are, how you’ll change their life, and why you’re the right choice.


Digital design displays are more high-tech than ever, leading to powerful portrayals of what you do and what you can provide to your potential customers. With your branding and goals in mind, I’ll create a digital design that’ll sum up your services second to none.

I know we live in a digital world, but print has the power to solidify your brand's presence in the real world. There's something unforgettable about handing your business card to someone and feeling the texture of the spot-gloss or matte finish. These are the things that will take your brand’s impact to the next level.


The world keeps on spinning and users keep on scrolling. Social media is growing by the second. Breaking through the overwhelm of content is the key to connecting with your target audience. Together, we’ll work to position your brand in an eye-catching light with cohesive content that provides instant brand identification, mixed in with a captivating message that comes from your heart. Only when your brand reflects your personal story can it be truly captivating. Let’s put our brains together to create a savvy social media message and modern design that will extend your reach, and take your social media marketing to its fullest potential.


From our very first discovery call to our final to-do crossed off the list, I will be your magic-maker until you are 100% fulfilled. Let’s clarify your brand’s purpose, crystallize what you want to accomplish, and chase after your dreams together. Your success will become tangible, and your business will set sail with its new, kick-ass identity.


Our journey together begins with a detail-oriented dive into your business and what you do. I want to know everything; from your core mission right down to the reason you chose your brand name. Via a thorough design brief that I’ll provide, I’ll get a true feel for your business. From there, we can begin dreaming and devising a tailored plan that will reveal your desires and prepare us for action. Together, we’ll create mood boards and do some research that clarifies your vision and inspires motivation.


Using what I’ve gathered from our discoveries, I’ll begin the design process. Throughout my process, I’ll refer back to our research to ensure my work is always intentional and on-par with your standards. The most important aspect in this stage is openness; an atmosphere that allows for communication and feedback so we can arrive exactly where you’ve aimed.


After concept finalization, I’ll provide you with all the files and tools that will prepare a springboard for your project launch. I’ll give you a custom style guide that provides all the information that you need to propel your project into action. I won’t leave you with any loose ends or unanswered questions - when you feel prepared and informed, only then will our work together be completed.


Here is just a snippet of a branding package from a previous client. My packages range from small to large and I am confident that we have the right package to make your dreams come true.


& waiting for the ‘right moment’ to invest in your brand.

So, you’re passionate about propelling your business, you want to create a striking brand image, and my passion is to help you manifest your visions; no matter how grand or out-of-this-world. My brain is constantly overflowing with ideas and reaching into new realms of design and expression, so I’m positive I can conjure up something unique for you.

An eye-catching visual interpretation of your offering brings your business front and center. Real content reaches real people, and fostering connection begins when your audience is engaged with your creativity, personability, and attention to detail.

The days of making excuses out of fear of failure are over - you’ve made it this far, and now it’s time to take that final leap!

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Beth workman, what’s in focus

“It goes without saying that Holly is an excellent graphic designer, but she is so much more. She takes great pride in her work and cares about what she does for a client and how it will represent them best. She has a great personal style and a good eye for design. She is a pleasure to work with, reliable and responsive. I can highly recommend Holly to anyone looking for a graphic designer.”

Debbi Rutledge and Jerri Ciraolo, Q is for Quilting

“Holly listened to our needs and ideas and went to work! She was a dream to work with and was very professional. Deadlines were set, and Holly either met them or finished in advance of them. Most of our communication was done electronically, so as to be as efficient as possible. We shared pictures with her, and she shared proposals and designs with us. Holly responded quickly to our suggestions and requests. Within 6 weeks, we had everything we needed to get our business off the ground! In addition, Holly has been a great resource when we have printing and e-business questions. We strongly recommend Holly for your graphic needs!”


What’s the payment process like?

Payments are broken up into 2. Each project requires a 50% deposit before we start. However, we can discuss a payment plan if needed.

What’s the timeline like for design?

Each package is different, but an approx timeline can be found on each package’s page on our pricelist. Timeline will vary depending on add-ons and revisions. Please let us know of your ideal timeline when inquiring.

What if I’m looking for something that’s not listed on the pricelist?

No problem! I am ready to take on any design task. If you’d like a custom quote please email us at

How can we get started?

If you’re ready to pick and package and get started, please email me at and we can rock ‘n roll right into your project!

What’s the design process like?

In the beginning, we’ll discuss quote and timeline. Afterwards, a welcome kit will be sent over with a brief overview, project timeline, client questionnaire, contract, and invoice for first payment. Then, we’ll schedule a call to learn and explore more about you and your business.

Next, I use the information provided by the brief and call with you and begin creating. This process is done carefully, by making sure we keep your project vision in mind. We will work together through a certain amount of iterations (depending on your package) with feedback provided by you, to finalize your initial concept.

Once the concept and design is finalized we will package up all of your files in various formats to send off to you along with a styleguide on how to use them.


Have any other questions?